KawayanTech was formed on July 6,2009 when Craig Calfee visited the Philippines and conducted a one week training workshop on bamboo bicycle frame building to select interested parties in the Yap Farm, Municipality of San Jose, Province of Tarlac.

Our vision is to promote a lifestyle of health and sustainability using bamboo as an alternative and appropriate community-based technology with practical applications.

Our Mission  covers the following:

1.    Leverage bamboo technology as a means of promoting sharing, caring, and sacrifice, social justice, community solidarity and mobilization, and partnerships with different sectors of society.

2.    Promote sustainable human development through bamboo technology.

3.    Promote and develop bamboo as an indigenous technology.

4.    Promote bamboo planting, reforestation species, and bamboo nurseries.

5.    Initiate social entrepreneurship enterprises around bamboo technology.

6.    Develop partnerships with individuals, groups, and the government in the hope of transforming their outlook on bamboo, the environment, and development.

7.    Make the Philippines a regional if not global leader in bamboo technology and products.

Our current objectives are:

1.    Design, develop, market bamboo products, technologies, and services;

2.    Develop indigenous forms of bikes and other alternative means of transport such as a bamboo bike and bamboo skateboard as social entrepreneurship initiatives with expansion and replication goals;

3.    Establish a clearinghouse on research and development on bamboo technology in the Philippines;

4.    Develop in partnerships with individuals, groups, and organizations, bamboo nurseries and production facilities for bamboo products;

5.    Market locally and abroad bamboo products;

6.    Provide consultancy services on bamboo technologies;

7.    Other activities related to bamboo propagation and technology; and,

8.    Influence policy making on transportation and investment in indigenous modes of and technologies on transportation.