Price - 5,000 Php


The Push Bike is designed to teach kids how to balance on a bicycle. It is basically a bike without a chainwheel and pedals. Kids can push off with their feet, lift their legs up, and glide/ride. The core is strengthened, and balance plus confidence is developed

because of steering the handlebars to control how fast/slow you want to move. From here, one graduates on to a pedaled bike




Price - 10,000 Php


We named this the Pinoy bike frame because it is proudly made by pinoys. It was Hecky's dream to help poor communities by providing them livelihood opportunities and the Pinoy bike frame, with the help of GKONOMICS and ACCENTURE, is the realization of that dream. These are crafted from the loving hands of the residents of Gawad Kalinga in Sitio Pajo.We designed the frame as an affordable singlespeed commuter bicycle so it will only be compatible with certain parts. These parts are the most affordable parts you will find on the market. The bottom bracket will only accept a one-piece crankset. You can only fit a 1 inch threaded fork into the headtube and you can only use a quilled handlebar stem. the rear brakes will only be drum/band brakes. rear hub spacing is 120 mm. seatpost diameter is 25.4 mm. 


PINAY COMMUTER BIKE(complete with parts)

Price - 18,000 Php


Our tribute to the beautiful Filipina women. complete with parts. singlespeed, one piece crankset, rear drum brakes, easy riding handlebars. the headtube fits a 1 inch threaded fork and a quilled handlebar stem. the rear hub spacing is 120 mm.

seat post diameter is 25.4 mm